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Best Military Watches Under $100

best military watches under $100

military watches under $100

Watch is the easiest gadget to measure time in the field. There are several kinds of watches manufactured in military-style. In common, military watches are expensive for more than usual. Because of its rugged design, Shock resistance and, durability.

The best military watch should be tenacious and durable during training, exercise, and harshest condition, so that soldier does not face problems in the field. That can provide a quality time frame for many years, and it endures to able more than a daily use watch.

Military watches are usually made for outdoor activities. But can be used for sports, gym, hiking. Because it has access to all the features that a regular watch doesn’t.

Buyer Guide Review

Buying a watch is easy. But after some time, you’ll realize that you forget some features that you should have purchased. Many types of watches available over there in the market. Which makes a buyer hesitant for purchasing. So you know before shopping what are you looking for.

So in this post, we have listed the best cheap military watches. which you can get under $100.

Casio Men’s XL Ana-Digi G-Shock Watch

Image: Amazon

The Casio G100 G-shock is one of the most demanding military watch. It has all that features content that military personnel needs in the field. It is a stylish watch that has a large dial window with mineral glass.


This watch is shock resistant and capable of resisting high-pressure water up to 200 meters. Reliable even for surfers and divers. This Casio military watch has men’s standard size band in 18mm width; it seems enough for a muscular man’s wrist and not feels heavy on the size of it.

This watch is showing both digital and analog time format. The downside of this watch is its black digital LED display that unable to read without strong light.


  • G-shock protection
  • Water-resistant up to 200 meters
  • Dual-Time-display
  • World-time
  • Mineral Dial Window
  • LED display
  • Lacks solar power capability
  • Unable to read the digital LED

Big Face Military Tactical Watch for Men

Image: Amazon

The Infantry big face military-style tactical watch for men. It has all additional outdoor activity features, large dual analog, and digital display. It is an impressive tactical watch with such a great performance without any concern.


The 44mm heavy duty big dial attracts people’s interest. It has a dual time display, provides accurate timing and ease of reading with the help of the Japanese analog-digital movement. Military-grade anti-scratch mineral dial window and tough stainless steel case improve its durability.

This military watch has a flexible rubber band that makes it more comfortable on the wrist. This watch has 30 meters of water resistance capability, which means it is only bear up against splash and rain but not for diving and swimming.


  • Anti-scratch mineral dial window
  • 46mm big dial window
  • Dual-Time-display
  • Water-resistance not suitable for diving

Timex Men’s Expedition Gallatin Watch

Image: Amazon

Timex is one of the best watches brand that famous for making the most durable watches for the military. If you haven’t used a Timex watch before, now is the time to try Timex Expedition Gallatin. It has a sport-style design which is more comfortable for the wrist.


This watch is lightweight for outdoor and harsh conditions. The model is comfortable for wearing on hand and it does not feel a burden on the wrist. This is also a unique timepiece for those who like wearing a watch for hiking and hunting all day.

The double-layer nylon strap is easily adjustable. It has men’s standard band length and 22mm in width.

It’s date and time setting is very easy by pulling the stems. It’s not for deep-sea diving, but it’s water-resistant to 50 meters is over (160′ ft) is more than enough for military personals.


  • Display Type – Analog
  • GPS – No
  • Compass – No
  • Calendar – No
  • Altimeter – No
  • Multiple Times – No
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight design
  • Super durability
  • Quartz movement
  • Water-resistance can be improved

Casio Men’s Multi-Function Sport Military Watch

Image: Amazon

The Casio multifunction sports watch is famous for its altimeter and barometer features. This is a rugged sports design watch with multiple digital displays. It has screws on the bezel and the nylon band along with the buckle closer.


This is the best outdoor watch that has a mineral dial window and a 50mm resin case. It has the capability of twin sensors that track temperature and altitude. A large LCD display reads a glimpse of the data generated in each mode. A high-performance pressure sensor provides altitude readings up to 10,000 meters every two hours and automatic air pressure readings.

The big function buttons allow you the one-push operation of light and height measurement. It has a water resistance of 100 meters and a resistance of -10C low temperature allows these models to be worn in rain, around water, and in snow gliding. but not worthy of deep-sea diving. It has more include functions world time, 5 alarm, calendar, and a stopwatch.


  • Clear dial window
  • Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer features
  • Easy to use buckle closure
  • Not looking stylish as fashionable

Men’s Analog Multifunction Casual Dual Display Military Watch

Image: Amazon

This one is an incredible watch by SKMEI. It is a multifunction casual dual display military watch. This watch a very versatile choice. Especially for those who like military watches. This military watch is available in various colors and patterns. This is the best sports digital watch in the rugged style. It’s “all in one” features make it unique in the military watches category.


This watch support both Analog and Digital displays at the same time. It has a large dial 55 mm in case diameter and the band length is 260 mm. It exists in two sizes. The large sport style dial is easy to read with help of an LED backlight. it seems more durable for harsh conditions.

The watch allows the user to all kinds of outdoor sports. It has a mineral window glass and durable plastic case which has high-pressure resistance and can be used in any condition.


  • Mineral glass window
  • Dual display
  • Available In 2 sizes
  • Water-resistance is low
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