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Best Swiss Automatic Watch

Best Swiss Automatic Watches Under $500

A watch is not just a timepiece; it is a style statement and an accessory that adds a classy touch to our personalities, but no matter how much we love collecting watches, no one wants them to cost as much as their whole paychecks.

Fortunately, some fantastic brands have made the best quality and durable watches affordable for everyone, and that too when these are actual Swiss watch manufacturing companies. These watches are studded with elegant structures, durability, warranty, and appealing color schemes which affordably polish our timekeeper’s collection.

We have formulated this article to provide you a list of some of these must buy watches designed by Switzerland’s companies. These watches are cherished by both men and women and have gained the trust of many customers, and the surprising factor is these watches are available for just 500 dollars! If you have a limited budget of only 500 dollars but still want to present yourself with a sophisticated watch, you can go through the article, weigh the notable feature of these watches, and just choose the best watches under 500 dollars less.

There are the best Swiss automatic watches to discuss that will ease you to pick according to your needs.

Best Swiss Automatic Watches For Men Under 500:

  • Victorinox ‘Alliance’ Men’s Swiss Stainless Steel Automatic Watch
  • Invicta Men’s Pro Swiss Automatic Watch
  • OLEVS Swiss Brand Men Woman’s Automatic watch
  • Tissot Men’s T-Race Swiss Automatic Sport Watch
  • Mondaine Men’s Big Evo Swiss Automatic Black Watch
  • Raymond Weil Men’s Maestro Swiss-Automatic Watch
  • Swiss Luminous Submariner Automatic Mechanical Watch
  • Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s ‘Time Automatic’ Swiss watch
  • GOSASA Swiss Watch Complex Function Automatic
  • Stuhrling Original Swiss Automatic Professional”DEPTHMASTER” Dive Watch

Victorinox ‘Alliance’ Men’s Swiss Stainless Steel Automatic Watch

Victorinox Men's 'Alliance' Swiss Stainless Steel Automatic Watch (Model: 241714)
Image: Amazon

The Victorinox Swiss watch is the best automatic watch for men and the first useable branded analogous Swiss watch. This watch is beautiful designed for everyday use. There is a round shape black color dial that not only eases to watch time but also gives an attractive look.

The silver color of the watchband with black color dial makes it generally as matching with the dress. The four-digit with in-between spaces make it professional along with 24 hours numbering and the white-lined black color circular ring inside the dial looks, an eye-catcher. 

It has an automatic movement. Now you don’t need to wear out your watch while swimming or bathing. Its 100M or 330 feet water resistance quality allows you to wear a watch all the time. Even you can enjoy rain by wearing it.

Silver color stainless steel band strap makes it durable. The straps give the best fit to the user’s wrist with care. This locking strap provides extra comfort for the wearer’s wrist. There are silver color rings in the belt that keep the watch at the wrist’s fixed place. The bandwidth is 20 mm. It is one of the best Swiss Automatic watches at $500.

The Victorinox alliance swiss watch has a case with a 40 mm diameter. It is coated with anti-reflective sapphire crystal. It is excellent for the small to medium-sized wrist. Its brightness feature help to watch time in a low light environment with no difficulty. Here is a date feature that prevents to keep an eye on the calendar.

A beautiful Swiss automatic watch has a little weight that eases to the wrist. You can buy this high-quality feature watch at a meager price. So this Swiss model saves your time and budget to get the perfect watch from all low-priced watches.

Invicta Men’s Pro Swiss Automatic Watch

Invicta INVICTA-9937 Men's Pro Diver Collection Coin-Edge Swiss Automatic Watch
Image: Amazon

The Invicta INVICTA-9937 Men’s Pro Diver automatic swiss watch is a highly stylish wristwatch. The black and silver color combinations give it a perfect outlook. The circular dial with outer numeric ring attracts the customers towards itself.

The protective sapphire-coated dial window enhances its professional vision. It has scratch resistance capability. The water resistance feature allows it to wear 600 feet or 200M water for swimming snorkeling. That makes it suitable for diving to a professional diver.

The high-quality luminous feature ease to see the time. There are white dots that show the hours on the black background of the dial. It has black and white digit closure.

The golden rings around the two sub-dials prominent its extra features. There is also a calendar that eases the wearer to be aware of dates. This watch has an automatic Swiss movement with an analog display. The stainless still band with 215 mm length, and 20mm width provide the best outfit to the wearer with durability. Its case and crown consist of stainless steel material with a case diameter of 40mm. This protected material gives comfort to the wrist.

The best thing for this Swiss automatic watch is to get rid of batteries. So you can buy it for you or as a gift for your loved one. Let’s go and get your best feature adorable watch at an affordable price.

OLEVS Swiss Brand Men Woman’s Automatic watch

Swiss Brand Men Women Automatic Mechanical Watch Sapphire Crystal Business Dress Tungsten Stainless Steel Waterproof Luminous Date Two Tone
Image: Amazon

Are you looking for a branded and personalized wristwatch at affordable prices? Then the OLEVS Swiss Brand Sapphire Crystal Automatic Mechanical Watch is the best one for Unisex. Its high-quality prominent features with durable quality make it a perfect match for your personality.

The black color round shape dial makes it an eye-catcher. The golden and silver color digits on the black background provide it with a perfect display. There is a Tungsten Steel band with a 14 mm width and 7.1 inches length that wraps around the wrist securely. The shining steel reveals the personality of the wearer.

This has a push-button development clasp. The dial of the watch is coated with luminescent materials that glow in return of exposure to light.  The Synthetic Sapphire Crystal dial window material provides care from damage. Its screw don crown is not like an ordinary push and pulls crown. The close sealing of crown to case of watch prevents from entering of water from the outer environment during swimming or diving. It has 160 feet of water resistance capacity. 

The highly positive ratting reveals the importance of this high-quality product. You can buy it as the best match for your costume at a reasonable price.

Tissot Men’s T-Race Swiss Automatic Sport Watch

Tissot Mens T-Race Swiss Automatic Stainless Steel Sport Watch (Model: T1154073705100)
Image: Amazon

The Tissot T-Race Swiss Automatic Stainless Steel Sport Watch is new in the market. This wristwatch is trendy and fashionable nowadays. Multiple features make it adorable. The round shape rose gold PVD coating case groom its feature 3D design. The diameter of the matter is 47mm. This stainless steel case makes it durable. The attached band with rubber material and 22 mm width provide easiness to the customers.

This watch’s group has a combination of two materials with a top of genuine leather and a bottom of rubber. This rubber band prevents the wrist from scratches and has flexibility. The black color of the wristwatch has a perfect color combination with a rose gold dial. It also looks so beautiful on the wrist of anyone.

There is water resistance capacity with a pressure bear ability of about 10 bar or 100m/ 330 feet. This little capacity allows it only to wear for short exposure to the water while not supportive of diving or snorkelling.

The round shape dial having a black background along with half white dots for time enhance acceptability. There is an automatic calendar to assist the wearer. The movement of this watch is the Swiss intuitive that enables it to do proper functioning. The supportive crown protects the crown from losing. Sapphire Crystal protects the dial window from scratches. This swiss watch available under 500 dollars for its customers.

Mondaine Men’s Big Evo Swiss Automatic Black Watch

Mondaine Men's SBB Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Watch with Leather Calfskin Strap, Black, 20 (Model: MSE.40210.LB)
Image: Amazon

It is a decent automatic watches for men and elegant looking watch which has impressed many customers and has become a part of their daily wear. It has been chosen due to its imported quality and automatic Swiss analog movement, which has been manufactured by the company to maximize usage and efficiency. 

It offers an excellent condition 20 millimetres width leather strap, which curves and fits into the wrist perfectly with an easily adjustable nautilus at the end of its crown. It has a 40mm diameter rounded case made of stainless steel, which comprises the most customer’s favourite conventional analog mechanism. It creates a ticking motion consisting of two hands where the hour hand is shorter.

This makes it easier for the customer to be aware of time always. Additionally, it also offers accessible settings to adjust the date on its dial. Its design comes with a tang buckle long-lasting clasp style with a classic finish, making it more appealing.

It also includes a screw tight crown mechanism preventing the water from entering into making it water-resistant. Its unique features include automatic function, the stainless steel bezel, and a white-colored dial. Its design, 2.08 ounces lightweight, reliability makes it a hit for the customers accurately for the customers who love sports and swimming activities.

Raymond Weil Men’s Maestro Swiss-Automatic Watch

Raymond Weil Men's Maestro Swiss-Automatic Watch with Stainless-Steel Strap, Silver
Image: Amazon

Although there are many ordinary Swiss watches, the Raymond Weil Maestro Swiss-Automatic watch has its worth due to its high quality. The original perfect design makes it susceptible to daily use. Its designer’s focus is to enhance its proficiency and efficiency as an imported watch for men. 

Instead of bore colors, the black and silver combination color enhance its acceptability with its prominent features. The stainless steel case with a 39.5 mm diameter looks attractive. This round shape watch can dive in 50m. Its Swiss-automatic movement makes it a most excellent tool as a sports watch. There is a stainless steel strap band with an 18 mm width that provides its flexibility.

The display of this professional watch is analogous that looks amazing. This analogy display has only lines for the hours while dots denote the minutes. These white color dots on the black color background make them prominent to ease the user. There is a date changing feature that makes it more acceptable.

The mechanical work without care of battery life enhances its durability. These adorable features enable it to use in the rainy season. This men’s watch meets all demands of a professional look.

It can wear in daily use while short exposure to water. Wearer just needs to screw tight the crown before going into water during diving as its water resistance makes it unable to use for divers. The stainless steel bezel has unidirectional functionality.  This is from swiss automatic watches under 500.

TEVISE Swiss Luminous Submariner Automatic Mechanical Watch

Swiss Luminous Submariner Watch Men's Automatic Mechanical Watch Fashion Stainless Steel Waterproof Watch
Image: Amazon

This excellent and durable quality watch has been designed to inspire motorbike and is introduced in the sports category for men. It comes with a 38mm green colored stainless steel case which is 13mm thick.

The silver coating around the case gives it an impeccable finish. It has a silver-colored band that has been on the top, making its design more appealing. It has a green-colored Swiss automatic bezel made of stainless steel, which uses a spinning balance wheel, and it can be rotated both clockwise 15 to 20 complete revolution and anticlockwise.

Its dial is covered by individual sapphire crystals, which makes this watch highly resistant to scratching and ideal for daily wear and sports activities. It comes with another notable feature of its resistance in the water. It can be considered ideal for short-period recreational water activities like swimming. It can resist a pressure of 30 M.

Its surface is covered with Synthetic sapphire glass and reliable stainless steel strap coating, making it look classier. It is available in standard band size for men, which makes it fit on the wrist perfectly. It has an easily wearable tang buckle clasp type.

Its most extraordinary feature is that it can clearly show date, hour, minute, seconds simultaneously, which makes the customer aware of everything at a single glance of its dial.  So this green dial with silver bands looks gorgeous.

Salvatore Ferragamo Men’s ‘Time Automatic’ Swiss watch

Salvatore Ferragamo Men's 'Time Automatic' Swiss Made Automatic Stainless Steel Watch
Image: Amazon

The Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Time Automatic’ Swiss Stainless Steel Watch comes with an immaculate feature of water-resistant capacity. Due to its crown’s screw-down ability, it can seal the head to the watch’s case, making it one of the most desirable dive watches. Many customers have also praised it because of the reliable quality offered by Sterling Original. This is the favorite purchase of adventure-loving men as they can wear it during their favorite games of a short interval.

It has been constructed with a 19mm stainless steel band accompanied by its deployment clasp mechanism, giving the customer liberty to adjust its metal bracelet for a desirable perfect fit on hands.  There is a golden color shade between the silver-sided line on the band.  One of its most attractive features is the double layer guilloche dial.

Another striking feature is its silver-colored dial made of Sapphire Crystal material. The fluorescent material in the dial makes it more noticeable and allows customers to adjust dates easily. This has been reviewed as top class and sturdy.

The icing on the cake is its affordable price with all its stylish features that convince the customer to include it in their daily wear, plus its color makes it look elegant with all kinds of clothes. The golden color shade ring around dial catches the customer’s attention. This Swiss automatic watch can buy under $500 with an attractive packing box. It is from best swiss automatic watches for men.

GOSASA Swiss Watch Complex Function Automatic

Swiss Watch Men's Complex Function Analog Automatic Mechanical Watch Stainless Steel Luminous Watch
Image: Amazon

Although there are several Swiss watches, the Complex Function Analog Automatic Mechanical Watch is worthy due to acceptable features. The circular dial with the numerical digit looks charming—black background prominent the half white color digits. There are four sub-dials that have unique features.

The Synthetic Sapphire Crystal dial window supports it. The needles of the watch have noticeable white color. So the best thing about the dial is to have three types of partitions: 12 hours, 24 hours, and minutes. I assure you that you love it.

There is a date calendar that eases the user. It has an analogy display. The case of the 43mm diameter covers the area of the wrist. The stainless steel band material prevents it from damaging. It has a high water resistance capability of about 30m or 98 feet—that not supports diving of man by wearing it.

Its silver black color dial with the silver band makes it more acceptable for the professional. You can get this adorable watch at an affordable price.

Stuhrling Original Swiss Automatic Professional”DEPTHMASTER” Dive Watch

Mens Swiss Automatic Stainless Steel Professional"DEPTHMASTER" Dive Watch, 200 Meters Water Resistant, Brushed and Polished Bracelet with Divers Safety Clasp and Screw Down Crown
Image: Amazon

This extraordinarily appealing automatic watches under 500 and stylish watch is eye candy for fashion lovers. This Professional”DEPTHMASTER” Dive Watch has an automatic function. Which has been designed in Switzerland. Its impeccable quality with alluring design and features makes its customers favorite to carry.

It is made with a 42 mm width stainless steel case with the captivating silver. Its captivating colors come from its white and aqua dial and a durable quality stainless steel wrist band, which looks fantastic on the wrist; it has an additional water-resistant feature, which makes it perfect for usage water-related activities. It keeps on ticking even in 600 feet/200 m of water level.

Another lovable feature introduced by the company is the date, hour, minute, and second, which is excellent for the customer’s benefit. Additionally, its watch dial is covered with Krysterna Crystal, which makes it scratch resistant and ensures its durability.

It comprises a conventional analog ticking mechanism and a bright display. It comes with an easily adjustable Push Button Deployment clasp mechanism, which makes it look elegant on the men’s wrist. You can enjoy swimming and snookering and diving for a long time.

This beautiful eye captivating watch is available surprisingly is quite affordable range. It can be bought as a gift and added to the classic collection of wardrobe. Customers have loved it due to its perfect fit and appealing design.

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