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8 Best GPS Watches for Hunting

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“A watch is one of the most important things that you buy, it says a lot about a person.”

Giorgio Armani

Being a hunter is difficult, but not impossible. Hunting is more than a sport. Also, it is important to keep yourself updated on hunting. If you do not keep yourself updated, you may feel lost in your surroundings.

While refreshing yourself, update tools and equipment that help you when you are far from your location, make your trip convenient, and safe. When buying a watch for hunting must review the GPS feature. Yes, there are many watches out there in which GPS is installed. GPS helps to determine your exact location. By this, you are going to help yourself in a way that you will not be lost this time.

“If you are not updating, you are not protected.”

Larry Seltzer

As a hunter, you will go deeper and deeper to get your prey, so it is very important for you not to lose your way. Thus, your GPS watches will help you a lot. It will allow the wearer to identify exactly where he/she is in case of an emergency.

Isn’t easy for you to have all your information on your wrist?

How do I choose a GPS watch?

There are great GPS watches in the market. I will provide you with a list of the eight best GPS watches that are ideal for hunting. I also have researched the features and reviews for you all. Have a good read before buying and I am sure you can make a great decision after reading.

Garmin Instinct Rugged Outdoor Watch with GPS

Image: Amazon

This Garmin Rugged watch is the most popular in outdoor conditions. It is available in various colors with a screen size of 1.27 inches (Display resolution 128 x 128). Actually, this is a solar power smartwatch, but the lithium polymer battery is also included with a life of 24 days in ultra-battery saver mode. That means you can survive for long time in harsh condition.

Let’s talk about the benefits of this amazing watch. The brand claims that this watch will work in the toughest environment. This watch is thermal, shock, and water-resistant. It meets the qualities of U.S military standards. Garmin Instinct consists of 3 axis compass and barometric altimeter. (an apparatus for measuring altitude).

However, it has much global navigation satellite system which will help the hunter or fisherman in a challenging environment to be on track. It has a trackback feature that will remember your starting point. In case you fail to remember your starting point, it will help you come back.

SUUNTO Traverse Alpha- GPS Hunting Watch

Image: Amazon

This watch is from brand Sunnuto, Available in the color “foliage”. It has a battery life of about 14 days in time mode. A best guide on wild trips and keeps you update on hunting tracks.
The best thing about this watch is you do not need a smartphone to access most of the features of this watch. Many features are present in this watch, including GPS, altimeter, barometer, sunrise/sunset times, lunar phase calendar, digital compass, and more.

It has a stainless-steel case, durable nylon textile strap that resists water. Plus point of this wondrous watch the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass which defends the rechargeable battery. It has a stainless-steel bezel which works in rough conditions.

So, this watch is favorable for outdoor adventurers who are hunters, hikers, fishers and so. While the real-time breadcrumb view shows a recorded track.

Casio Pathfinder For Men with Triple Sensor

Image: Amazon

Pathfinder comes from the brand Casio. It is available in the color black. The battery life is about 6 months with a full charge. Pathfinder is built for outdoor adventures.

The benefits of this watch are many. Like all the above-mentioned watches, it is also water-resistant to a depth of 100m. It comes with a self-charging feature i.e.; it has tough solar power as long as the watch is exposed to sunlight.

Thus, in this watch, we do not need batteries. Pathfinder has a built-in triple sensor (altimeter, barometer/thermometer, and digital compass) with a stainless-steel back case.

It allows the hunter for accurate readings, pressure, altitude, and temperature. The bezel of this watch is designed with the directional marking for taking measurements. It is comfortable with anyone’s wrist and side buttons are easy to access.

Garmin Tactix Bravo

Image: Amazon

Tactix Bravo watch belongs to the brand Garmin. The color of this watch is black. It has a battery life of 21 days in time mode. It keeps the track of a user’s fitness activity.

The Tactix Bravo watch is used for the tactical environment. It has a non-reflective design that meets all requirements of tactical gear in the field. This watch is 100m water-resistant. It has one or more Wi-Fi connectivity supports, which allows it to automatically update its software and apps. It is non-reflective and has a 1.2-inch-high-resolution digital display. The dial is covered with a sapphire lens which preserves it from sunlight.

The watch can be used for direction because of the high sensitivity GPS / GLONASS automatic calibrating altimeter, 3 axis compass, and barometer. Moreover, due to the Omni-directional stainless steel EXO antenna, tactix can keep the track of your location. This watch is comfortable to wear, and the screen is large and easy to read.

For hunting, tactix bravo is a fabulous fit. Its GPS mode is great, which will help you in difficult situations.

Luminox Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL

Image: Amazon

Luminox Men’s 3051 EVO Navy SEAL is generally designed for marine activities. The particular reason for this that it is Shock-resistant and water-resistant to a depth of about 200m (660ft) but it is not made for scuba diving.

Evo navy seal glows 100 times brighter than any other luminous watch in the market. This watch is ideal for people who are professionals in marine life activities or fisherman. It has an easy-to-read analog black dial with a large face. At its core, the Evo Navy seal runs from a Japanese quartz movement, which means it’s accurate.

The Evo navy seal is comfortable to wear, durable that is utilized by professionals with jobs like the US Navy, air force. This watch is made for a great EMT watch as it is easy to see even in no light conditions and durable build (polyurethane band and 44 mm case).

Although The Luminous white marked unidirectional bezel, and date display at 3 o’clock presenting hunting friendly features.

LB LIEBIG Compass Digital Army Watch

Image: Amazon

LB LIEBIG is a best budget watch on the list. It is available in the color red, black, green or blue. The digital display is powered by a Japanese Quartz movement. No doubt, if you are looking for a hunting watch that is affordable, easy to wear, easy to understand, and additionally it is waterproof 50 M (164ft).

This watch is utilized for various purposes. It can be practiced for measuring altitude, pressure, temperature, and forecast weather. It has an amazing digital compass. It is a fitness watch that measures the user’s number of steps, speed, calories burnt, and distance.

It has more cool features that include a countdown timer, alarms, stopwatch, metronome. It has lots of features for hunters. The plus point, it has tons of features that available at an affordable price.

Garmin fenix 5 Plus, Premium Multisport GPS Smartwatch

Image: Amazon

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus is also from the Garmin brand. It is available in black color with a standard touchscreen. It has a battery life of about 10 days in time mode.

Fenix 5 plus is designed for hunting. This smartwatch is a great fit for you. If you want to access the advanced features and comfortable wear, it is durable and attractive. It has multiple satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) which provide you navigation in a more challenging environment. It includes a three-axis compass, a gyroscope, and a barometric altimeter. These sensors keep the track of physical activity.

It is packed with versatility. Fenix 5 plus also comes with topographic maps with highlighted routes. It also has a heart rate monitor near your wrist for better readings. It also allows a user of this watch to store up to 500 songs and can connect to wireless headphones via Bluetooth.

In this way, you can listen to your amazing songs while hunting, hiking, or jogging. The user can install apps, download the songs, and can navigate. It is easy to read, understand and use.

Casio G-Shock GW9400-1B Tactical Rangeman Solar Atomic Watch

Image: Amazon

The Casio G-Shock GW9400-1B is available in green and black. It has a water resistance depth of up to 200m. This watch is durable, lightweight, and easy to understand. It has a ton of features for military uses.

This watch is very much accurate. G- Shock–Rangeman GW-9400 has a solar-powered mechanism. In the middle of the watch face is the battery status indicator (L-M-H / Low-Medium-High Bar indicator).

Once the user has settled the time zone, then he/she does not require changing it another time. The watch has a 12h and 24h format. It has a stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm.

This mind-blowing watch feature includes triple sensor technology with a built-in compass and barometer. It has some storage space so the user can save a little bit of information for later use. It does a fantastic job for those whose job is hunting or outdoor activities.

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