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10 Best Small Wristwatches For Ladies

Women love to accessorize. They love to put some sparkles here and there. They also love to collect things. Some collect bags, some collect shoes, and others collect the smaller items such as pieces of jewelry and belts. These are the everyday things that a woman collects in her closet. But some women are also interested in watches.

Often regarded as men’s accessories, we can rarely see wristwatches being marketed to women. However, for the last few years, it has suddenly gained popularity in the female bracket. Brands are now aware that there are women who love to collect ladies’ watches as well. Famous female personalities are now endorsing ladies’ watches that also contribute to the popularity of small wristwatches in women.

Notable brands for watches have evolved their designs and are more women-friendly these days because they realized that they have a market for those. These luxury brands for watches now have famous women celebrities as their endorsers for their campaigns to attract more women customers.

But brands such as Omega, Tag Heuer, Audemar Piguet are luxury brands and can cost up to multiple thousands of dollars. More often than not, many women would opt to go for a cheaper brand. So here are the small wristwatches available on much cheaper price compared to those luxurious brands but still has the quality you would want in a ladies’ watches.

How to find best ladies wristwatch?

There are already many models to choose from when it comes to small wristwatches for women. You can always pick your favorite online shopping platform to see what is available for you. Just look at Amazon and search ladies’ watch, and you can find multiple models to choose from. Depending on your budget and lifestyle, there are so many options available for you. For your convenience, we have selected some are here.

List of branded small wristwatches for ladies

Citizen Women’s Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch, EW2290-54L

Citizen Women's Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch, EW2290-54L
Image: Amazon

This Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive EW2290-54L watch has a classic design that is very appropriate for all ages. It is manufactured under Eco-Drive technology, converting natural or artificial light into energy and stores in a power cell.

It has a stainless-steel bracelet and a fold-over clasp with a blue dial and luminous hands with a date display at 3 o’clock. This small wristwatch has Japanese quartz for a more stabilized movement of hands.

It has a 28 mm stainless steel case and analog display protected with mineral glass. This ladies’ watch is water-resistant up to 100 m or 330 Ft, making it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. So not only it is fashionable, but it is also suitable for an active lifestyle.

Citizen Women’s Quartz Watch with Crystal Accents, EQ0534-50D

Citizen Women's Quartz Watch with Crystal Accents, EQ0534-50D
Image: Amazon

This version of Citizen’s ladies’ EQ0534-50D watch is for more sophisticated women, as it has a very sophisticated design. The body has a gold and silver design with Swarovski crystal as accents.

It is also water-resistant but only for 99 feet, making it more delicate compared to the other Citizen small wristwatch mentioned above. They use Japanese quartz here as well for a stable movement of hands. It has a durable stainless steel 26mm case and band, which looks pretty good with a small wrist.

It is still such a timeless piece that, this ladies’ watch will still look good in the years to come, making it such a good investment.

Bulova Ladies Watch

Bulova Ladies Watch
Image: Amazon

This Bulova small wristwatch has a silver-tone stainless steel case with a rose-gold tone accent. The analog display has a white mother of pearl color background with five diamonds for additional sparkle. The physical design of this ladies’ watch is good if you want it as a classic design.

The small wristwatch looks so timeless that it can pair with any outfit that you have. Its case is 34mm in diameter, which is perfect for a small wrist. It is powered by 1 Lithium-ion battery, which enough for a year. However, For hand movement, it has a mineral crystal for stabilization. It is also water-resistant up to 100 meters which makes it suitable for diving as well.

Seiko Women’s Rectangle Dress Two-Tone Watch-SXGL61

Seiko Women's Rectangle Dress Two-Tone Watch-SXGL61
Image: Amazon

Seiko is one of those brands that is known for creating good quality wristwatches. It has been there for generations and so far it is still one of the best brands out there. This ladies’ watch has a rectangle display that has a white dial and numerical indices. It has a modern design with a sense of timelessness in it as it can be paired with any jewelry.

The ladies’ watch bracelet has a two-tone stainless-steel case and has a jewelry clasp closure. It can withstand splashes and brief immersion to water but not suitable for swimming and diving.

Citizen Women’s Quartz Stainless Steel Watch, EJ5854-56A

Citizen Women's Quartz Stainless Steel Watch, EJ5854-56A
Image: Amazon

Suppose you want a cheaper alternative to the Seiko’s ladies’ watch mentioned above. In that case, you can opt to go for this model of Citizen’s small wristwatch. Physically, it has a similar design with its rectangle display and two-tone bracelet. This ladies’ wristwatch will create a fashionable statement to any outfit without being too showy. With its silver and gold tone, it looks so classy and expensive without you spending too much.

Stainless Steel material is used in this iconic watch, and Citizen proves that it is a longlisting product. The case measurement is 18 mm in diameter, and band length is women’s standard. While the main component of the watch is a Japanese quartz movement, the accuracy rate is more than standard quartz movement. There is also water resistance capability up to 99 feet.

Citizen Women’s Eco-Drive Diamond-Accented Watch, EW1824-57D

Citizen Women's Eco-Drive Diamond-Accented Watch, EW1824-57D
Image: Amazon

This Citizen ladies’ watch screams sparkles. If you want a small wristwatch that would sparkle even if you are wearing a very simple outfit, then you may want to get this women watch for yourself. Its round display is bedazzled with diamond markers around its frame. While It also has diamonds on its markers on a mother-of-pearl dial.

The date is on the 3 o’clock marker. With its two-toned bracelet, the ladies’ watch looks so luxurious and elegant. Despite it looking sleek and luxurious, the small wristwatch is suitable for swimming and snorkeling. It is water-resistant up to 100m. Who says you cannot look expensive while being active?

Michael Kors Women’s Portia Three-Hand Watch

Michael Kors Women's Portia Three-Hand Watch
Image: Amazon

Michael Kors is known for its very luxurious designs. This iconic Portia design looks expensive with a touch of modern in the right places. True to its brand, Michael Kors creates elegant design and timeless pieces. The Portia watch is one of the products of those principles. The watch has different variations you can choose from depending on your style. What is good about this watch is that the style looks so timeless worn with any outfit. It will create a statement on its own.

Michael Kors Women’s Portia builds with stainless steel material. This timepiece utilizes a mineral dial window and quartz movement with three-hand analog display. It has round 37mm case and flexible bracelet. This model also has 50-meter water resistance.

Fossil Women’s Carlie Mini Stainless Steel Mesh Casual Quartz Watch

Fossil Women's Carlie Mini Stainless Steel Mesh Casual Quartz Watch
Image: Amazon

Among the brands mentioned in this article, Fossil is more on the expensive side of these watches. However, compared to the luxury brands for a watch, it still affordable. Fossil is known for creating fashionable accessories that are fun and accessible. This small wristwatch is considered to be the “petite sister” of the iconic Carlie.

It has a round stainless steel case with a multi-color dial. You can choose from different materials and colors that suit your style. They have available different color combinations, which you can collect if you are after collections.

The feature of this women’s wristwatch is not too unique from other mentioned watches. But the downside its 30m water resistance is less than others on the list.

Timex Easy Reader 30mm Perfect Fit Women’s Watch

Timex Easy Reader 30mm Perfect Fit Women's Watch
Image: Amazon

Timex is also one of the known brands for watches. Their watches have exceptional quality and have a very sophisticated design. This small wristwatch has a two-tone stainless strap that can be adjusted, depending on the circumference of your wrist.

The display of this watch is very easy to read, and its hands use a mineral crystal for a stable movement. This piece is such a steal for a very low price as its design is very relevant at any time.

Michael Kors Lady Nini Chain Watch with Crystal Bezel

Michael Kors Lady Nini Chain Watch with Crystal Bezel
Image: Amazon

Michael Kors Lady Nini watch screams expensive by just looking at it. Pair it with any outfit, and it will still stand out and create a statement. Its gold-tone chain bracelet design can elevate any outfit make it look expensive because of this small wristwatch.

The display of the dial is also sparkled with crystals which add to its luxurious vibe. This ladies’ watch is available in two colors, gold and rose gold. But if you are after timelessness and classic design, you may opt to go for gold. But what stops you from buying both?

Choose the right small wristwatch.

When choosing a wristwatch, some people may opt to go for a more expensive but timeless piece. Because for them, this is considered an investment. They are paying for the quality and workmanship behind the small wristwatch and not only the design. It is not wrong. But remember that there are also brands out there that are not as expensive but still provide you with exceptional quality. It will always depend on the things that you are looking for in a small wristwatch.

Are you after a trendy design, or are you after a classic piece? For recommendation, if you can afford it, it is always good to buy at least one classic and timeless ladies’ watch that can last you for a long time. At least you have one small wristwatch that you can wear for special occasions and events.

Do not let your wristwatch sit on the cabinet.

Remember that a watch is meant to be worn. You can wear it as part of your accessories or wear it because of its function, but the main thing it won’t serve its purpose if it is kept inside the box or a cabinet. When buying a small wristwatch, make sure that you like wearing it to use it according to its purpose. Be sure that you want the ladies’ watch that you buy.

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