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Best watches for nurses

10 Best Watches for Nurses – Review & Buyer Guide 2022

A nurse’s job is not exactly the easiest as most people do. With hours of duty looking after the sick and hurt patients. It is a challenging job that requires diligence, but also a lot of heart and courage. Nurses play a crucial part in helping hands to doctors and physicians.

From carrying out medical procedures; doing paperwork; providing medical advisory and other psychological support to families; down to every single need of the patients, a nurse does her/his job with a full commitment for the betterment of patients’ health.

Donning up with their scrub suits and armed with surgical tools and their understanding of health care, nurses help treat injuries and illnesses and save thousands and hundreds of lives each day. Timing is an essential aspect of their job; Thus, a reliable and the best watch ensures does to keep tracking all the tasks they have to perform during and after their job.

We highly recommend you consider the entire attribute before purchasing any watch that either it fits with your tasks or not, either it has all the features you are looking for and does this going to last for years. Keeping these things in your mind will help you get the best medical watches for nurses that will excite you, and that will take your job and work experience to the next level.

Best Wrist Watches for Nurses:

VAVC Nurse Watch for Medical Students, Doctors

VAVC Nurse Watch for Medical Students, Doctors
Image: Amazon

On the top of the list, we will place VAVC Nurse Watch for Medical Students, Doctors, Women with Second Hand, and 24 Hours. Easy to Read with all premium features that come along with it. We mention some features that urge you to buy below.

Super Easy to Read: It has big white dials with 12 & 24 hours markers with minute markers that make it look more elegant. It has Japanese Quartz, and highly visible red second-hand makes it more unique. Its case diameter is 40 mm.

Exclusively Designed for Medical Professionals: With its water resistance qualities, it is specially designed for medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and other medical staff who can enjoy wearing this unique Watch. The Watch is easy to read and has a genuine soft band, which is easy to clean.

High-Quality Material and Sleek Design: This timepiece is made of 316 L surgical grade stainless steel. The genuine leather band is easy to clean and has sapphire-coated mineral crystal glass. The Watch looks so surprising when you wore it around your wrist, its sleek design gives you a special touch to look more graceful.

Can Be A Perfect Gift: on very special occasions of your beloved one you can proudly gift it to someone like your wife, friends, girlfriend, and especially to your classmate. It has very accurate timekeeping because of its high-quality Japan Movement, making its accuracy rate less than a second per day. Which means it will tell you a more accurate time than any other watch.

This is the best suitable watch necessary to get your entire job done effectively as there is no chance of mistake, to treat patients, and to give them medicine at a specific set of times. You can proudly wear this watch as it looks so graceful and it will add charm to your personality.

Speidel Original Scrub Watch- For Medical Professionals

Speidel Original Scrub Watch- For Medical Professionals
Image: Amazon

The Speidel Original Scrub watch is designed for medical professionals and Nurses. The clear marking, along with the contrast of dials colors in its design, makes it look more special, like against the white background red second hand make an effective design for its readability and taking essential signs.

Besides its readability, this Watch has a unique feature that within the 30-meter it is water resistance that will help you protect your watch from any random splashes that often happen at duty. It is more durable, and it is easy to clean its silicone band or strap. The wrist size of this Watch will be from 6.6 to 8.3 inches.

  • Easy Readable
  • Perfectly designed for Medical Professional especially nurses
  • Durable and Comfortable–Easy to Clean and have quality material
  • Multiple Color Options: With its wide range of colors, it gives you a better choice if you like to wear a colorful and elegant watch.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: With its all basic and advanced features. The manufacturer of Speidel watch is striving to gain your 100% Satisfaction as other customers show their positive response about this Watch.

The Nurse watch has a perfect feature that makes it easy to read and comfortable to wear for extended duty hours in the hospital for nurses.

TICCI Unisex Medical Quartz Watch For Students, Doctors, Nurses

TICCI Unisex Medical Quartz Watch For Students, Doctors, Nurses
Image: Amazon

One of the perfect wristwatches for nurses and medical professionals for both men and women. 3-Hand Japanese quartz movement with a bright second hand looking stunning on a black dial makes taking accurate pulse readings. It has a top-quality, comfortable silicone band. The dial and band are available in a variety of colors.

It is easy to use during a job, with 12 & 24 Hour Markers. The plus point of TICCI Unisex is its waterproof capability of up to 30M (99 feet). Its 3- year manufacturer’s warranty makes it more trustable for a user.

As the design suggests, it is a perfect watch for both genders and its reliable features will never bother the user.

Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch

Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch
Image: Amazon

Speidel Medical Scrub Glow Watch has an analog display, with a 38 millimeters silicon band. This Watch comes in blue color. And it is crafted for medical professionals and is one of the best nurse’s watch. With its unique color and design.

This Watch has fantastic readability you can dial that light up by pushing the button. Its sleek design for the Watch is featuring 12 & 24 hours markers, with 3-hands of Japanese quartz movement. It illuminates in the dark making it more and clear to read and to look over time.

  • Easy to read
  • Perfect for Nurses
  • Durable & Comfort – Easy to clean its soft silicon band. Having stainless steel case the Watch is water-resistant up to 50M (160ft). It also rated for showering, swimming, & washing hand.
  • Wide Range of Color Options – If you are really a fan of fancy look watches then this is the best Watch you can ever come around. Giving you a lot of colors the opportunity to figure out which suits you best.
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed–Customers have very strong and positive feedback about this Watch. As it works like magic, giving you look fancier and meeting you all need to get your task done with in the time.

There are many reasons a nurse needs to choose the Speidel Medical Scrub watch. It is because of the very critical job they have to do, like measuring the heartbeat of the patient or taking blood pressure measurements. This watch will help you keep tracking all these tasks effectively.

Timex Weekender Women’s 31mm Watch

Timex Weekender Women's 31mm Watch
Image: Amazon

One look and you will immediately find Timex Weekender Watch as that of the smartest nurse watch. It is a round white dial with multicolored full Arabic numerals and 24-hour military time. It is water-resistant, so you did not have to think about damaging it if you are spraying it with water.

The watch has slip-thru straps that allow a user to add them probably depends on your state of mind or you are uniform. With its indigo light, that will make its reading time easy under any kind of lighting situation.

  • Easy Readability–Easy to read because of its indigo lights
  • Changeable band–One, the unique feature of this watch is that its bands are changeable that you can replace them with any other attractive. Sleek design band compatible with this Watch.
  • Stylish–besides all these features, it looks so fancy and attractive, especially with its light up in the dark.

While purchasing the best nurse watch; you should not have to prefer a Timex weekender watch so you can enjoy quality and durability. This best nurse’s watch will look amazing to wear.

Swatch Women’s White Bishop Quartz Watch

Swatch Women's White Bishop Quartz Watch
Image: Amazon

With its round shape analog display and 34 millimeters made of silicon, it has 16 millimeters of bandwidth. The watch comes with a built-in function that is waterproof. You can get the battery exchange for two years from any of the Swatch Women’s Retail shops.

The Swatch women’s white bishop quartz fancy watch is a chic timepiece leading towards casual and comfortable style. It also works perfectly in professional places like in the hospitals and making a perfect match for the nurses.

With its white and gold color contrast, it looks more appealing and instantly attracts the medical professional. However, it is super easy to read in a second.

Moreover, with its aesthetic design, it gave you a perfectly durable quality material that will last for years. With its 30 meters of water-resistant, it has a sleek designed band that looks so cute. And it is super easy to clean. You can get all the basic and premium functions in the above nurses’ watch.

Casio Women’s Baby-G Rose Gold Watch

Casio Women's Baby-G Rose Gold Watch
Image: Amazon

Under the G shock series, Casio also made the Baby-G subseries for women that are also serviceable for nurses. Casio woman Baby-G is famous for its toughness and durability. The rose gold-tone dial in a white resin case makes it elegant.

This is the special limited edition of the Casio Baby-G series with analog and digital displays running on the Japan quartz movement. This timepiece’s functional Features include shock resistance, one-touch LED light, world time 29 different zones includes 48 cities. Besides that, In standard features four alarms and one snooze, 1/100th second stopwatch, and countdown timer.

However, it has a Resin band with buckle closure which is easy to clean. It has swim-proof protection of 100 m but is not allowable for scuba diving and the deep sea.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch for Nurses

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch for Nurses
Image: Amazon

Samsung’s unique product for physical fitness and health. The Samsung Gear S2 comes with smartwatch function styling. Its premium finishes and beautiful curves depend a lot on its design. An elegant watch is a means of communication, providing access to all kinds of apps.

It has an around interface and rotating bezel for going through navigation apps and widgets easily. Therefore, the dual-core processor speed of 1GHz Exynos 3250 and operating system (OS) based on Tizan wearable Increases its efficiency with the power of Android OS.

You can manage your favorite apps for healthcare and regular activities. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and access to important notifications, texts, and updates at a glimpse. For the readability aspect, it has an AMOLED touchscreen that displays clear features.

While the Battery capacity may vary depending on the device usage and network conditions. For protection from dust and water resistance, the IP68 rating is used to makes this watch durable.

Timex Women’s Leather Strap Watch

Timex Women's Leather Strap Watch
Image: Amazon

The Timex women’s Easy Reader Date is an under $50 budget, easy to read, and a lightweight watch. It has an adjustable 20mm dark blue genuine leather strap that fits up to the 7.5-inch wrist girth. It has a 38mm gold-tone brass case, with mineral glass crystal that restrains scratches. The Date window at 3 o’clock with complete Arabic numerals.

The Indigo light-up dial feature is available in this watch, as a result, to help you see the time in the dark.

This watch is waterproof up to 30 meters. Furthermore, it resists spraying or short immersion in water but is not suitable for swimming or bathing.

In conclusion, the following watch has a timeless design easy reader has been a fan favorite. And the iconic simplicity of this timepiece is exactly what should be.

Casio Women’s Dive Series Sport Watch

Casio Women’s Dive Series Sport Watch
Image: Amazon

Casio has been making watches ever since, but this watch is one of his best inventions for his outstanding performance, which has been added for the first time. It is specifically designed for women, although it is also suitable for nurses.

Its dial has a white simple background with hourly numbers in distinct colors and the date display at the 3 o’clock position. Which makes it easy to see. The full white watch has a two-way rotating bezel that can also help you get important clues.

The Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch is made of resin that is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. It has a 33 mm case and mineral crystal dial window, which is scratch-resistant.

The water resistance of 100 meters is sufficient for swimming and snorkeling but not for deep marine activities.

Bottom line:

We acknowledge and care about the nurses that perform many tasks, including medication timings, tracking patient vitals and a list of a steady job that they perform throughout their day.

Therefore, it is crucial to keep on tracking all these essential tasks. Having a nurse watch is a brilliant idea, and the above watches are genuinely researched so you can have peace of mind comfort and can enjoy fashion at the same time.

All these watches are easily accessible and can be the best choice for your nurse’s job. You can get all the basic and premium functions in the above watches you may find thousands of watches out there in the market but never disregard your comfort and quality.

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